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We Are Your Trusted Turkish Partner For Your Lubricant Supplies !

More than 100 companies in Turkey are producers of automotive lubricants and grease brands exported through different districts of Turkey and worldwide. TÜPRAŞ ( Türkiye Petrol Rafineriler ) is the largest supplier of base oils to the local market, together with international partners such as Greece, Russia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other neighboring European countries.

Our Lubricants and Greases manufacturies partners provide a premium class of oil brands that are engineered with highly-refined base oils and additives and through continuous R&D in accredited laboratories by national and international associations. Depending on your criteria and the particular need for quality, price offer, and marketing support, we provide API-certified and OEM-approved brands to middle-range brands that suit the particular market needs and survive the fierce competition.

Further, we advise our clients when we see an opportunity for them to step up outside the crowd and level up their business by creating their own brand the way they desire. next thing they know is a new brand in the market ready for export.

What We Can Supply 

Our Turkish Partners

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